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Newborn Care

Shoham Medical Group

Pediatrician & Adolescent Medicine Physician located in San Fernando Valley, CA

As soon as your baby is born, they need expert, compassionate care to be as healthy and happy as possible. Steven C. Shoham, MD, and his team at Shoham Medical, located in Granada Hills, California, provide newborn care to your little one from the very beginning. With privileges at several local hospitals, they see your newborn within a day of birth and continue exceptional care throughout their childhood. For a pre-birth consultation, call or book an appointment online today.

Newborn Care Q & A

What is newborn care?

Newborn care is considered care of your infant from birth to about two months of age. During this time, both you and your baby experience many changes. It is comforting to have a knowledgeable partner during that process.

During the first two months of your baby’s life, your pediatrician supports you and your newborn by:

  • Assessing and monitoring your baby’s health
  • Tracking growth and development
  • Educating you on basic newborn care
  • Identifying any health concerns
  • Assessing feeding, digestive, or developmental problems
  • Beginning a recommended vaccination schedule
  • Completing recommended newborn screenings

Your pediatrician also helps calm fears and answers any questions you may have about your newborn, their health, and specialized care. Your pediatrician can be a valuable resource during your first couple of months and beyond.

What does newborn care entail?

Newborn care begins immediately after birth with the specialists at the hospital where you give birth. The team at Shoham Medical begins their care of your newborn within 24 hours of birth when they come to the hospital and do a thorough physical assessment.

The Shoham Medical team has privileges at local hospitals, including:

  • Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, located in Mission Hills, California
  • Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, located in Burbank, California
  • Providence Tarzana Medical Center, located in Tarzana, California

When they see your newborn, they perform a thorough physical assessment and share with you any concerns they may have. You begin a regular schedule of well-baby visits in the office, beginning about three to five days after birth.

What does a newborn exam entail?

While in the hospital, your pediatrician performs a thorough examination of your baby. During this assessment, they check your baby’s:

  • Skin
  • Eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Reflexes and neurological status
  • Muscle tone and movement
  • Cry and reaction to stimulation
  • Genitals
  • Spine
  • Head
  • Lungs, heart, and abdomen

Your pediatrician may order blood work, specific newborn screenings, or any treatments that are needed. They may also perform your baby boy’s circumcision in the hospital if desired.

When should I begin office visits with my newborn?

The team at Shoham Medical sees your newborn in their office at:

  • Three to five days after birth
  • Two weeks old
  • One month old
  • Two months old

Your newborn continues regularly scheduled well-child visits every one to three months for the first year of their life. After one year, they visit every three to six months until they are three years old and, after that, every year into young adulthood.

Your child may need more frequent visits if they have acute or chronic health problems or other concerns to address.

For a pre-birth consultation or to begin excellent newborn care, call or book an appointment with Shoham Medical.